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Saturday dinner. Just cutting the laziness and going away from Central to dine, I looked up on Eatigo and Zahrabel in Wanchai popped up with a 50% discount. And it was booked. Middle Eastern, Lebanese is a fool-proof pick always.

I didn’t read the fine print to realize until they told us that it was only the sharing menus for the Eatigo discount. The good part was that they didn’t charge the child.

You have options to select 4, 6, 8 or 10 dishes and it could be a mix and match from any sections – the hot, the cold, the entrees.

We did the usual hummus, baba ganoush, falafel, their nut dip. Besides the usual, we did the Arnabit Batata b’il Tahini – which was seasoned crispy cauliflower florets and spiced potatoes in a rich tahini sauce and a Vegetarian Fousulieh – a hearty and robust Lebanese bean stew, served with Lebanese rice.

The hummus, baba ganoush and their nut dip were all good. Their falafels – which they only got two – were probably the best-tasting falafels in Hong Kong and one of the best I’ve eaten, ever. The aromatics were better than any I’ve had.

My only question to the restaurant or the hospitality industry here – I understand you’re portioning it for two, which means one for each (which by default wasn’t enough), but you know there’s a kid on the table. Would it break your bank if you served three pieces of falafels instead of two?

I’m a fan of well seasoned foods, extra seasoned foods, but the Arnabit Batata b’il Tahini felt a bit too much for me. Or that, sided with labne or cacik might’ve made it perfect by cutting through the herbs and spices of the cauliflower and the potatoes.

The bean stew was primarily red and light brown kidney beans. Seasoned to perfection. The rice and vermicelli could’ve been a bit more crunchier, but no complains there.

Overall, the portions were quite little, I thought. But I the flavours were spot on. The presentations were great! The service was great!

Coffee or tea and mini desserts are included in the tasting menu and they were great too. Especially that muddy, spiced coffee.

My arak based cocktail was cloyingly sweet with the date syrup. I’m not sure if they used too much of the syrup or paired it with the sweeter version of the arak, but it was too sweet for me. And I don’t say that often. But if there’s anything anise based, I got to have it. Kesak! 🙂

Arak Zahrabel
Pickled Vegetables Zahrabel
Pita Bread Zahrabel
Hummus Zahrabel
Baba Ganoush Zahrabel
Falafel Zahrabel
Bean Stew Zahrabel
Fried Cauliflower Zahrabel
Baklava Zahrabel
Lebanese Coffee Zahrabel

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