Yo Green Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant

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A vegetarian / vegan restaurant that catered to all your specific needs. Thai specifically, but they had some Italian dishes available.

We arrived their for a late lunch, around 2:00 PM. It was clear and nice in the morning. The husband decided to step out for lunch so we followed. And two minutes after we stepped out, it started raining, not that lightly. It’s funny and I couldn’t stop laughing in my head about he keeps complaining about travel and since morning, this is the first time it steps out and it pours 🙂

Meanwhile, I hopped around earlier in the day enjoying sunny skies. I can’t find the right phrases to describe it.

Anyhow, that was a big menu to select from. We ordered pad thai for the child, pad see eew for the hubster and red curry with duck for me.

The child’s pad thai was ordered absolutely non spicy, so it was single dimensional there in terms of the taste, but on point with the tamarind sauce and peanut powder and sprouts. But something in it caused my child to throw it all out. Not sure if it was the new country or change of weather or what.

The pad see eew was good, different with a mock meat and vegetables.

The curry was bombastic. The balance of flavours and the level of the balance – with the sweet and the salt and the spice – perfection. Even that mock duck, which was probably gluten based, tasted better than the ones I’m used to normally eating in New York.

It was too many chunks of pineapple in there for me, but overall, that curry! I will for sure remember it for times to come.

We also had ordered the papaya salad, but they forgot to get it, and with the child throwing up, we didn’t bother to remind them.
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