Yerba Buena Perry

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Yerba Buena Perry

Yerba Buena Perry

Guacamole ***.5
Chunky and tangy. Served at room temperature.

Croquetes de Queijo ***.5
manchego cheese croquettes, pickled jalapeño, salsa verde


Ensalada Yerba Buena ***
tomato, avocado, jicama, baby greens, sherry vinaigrette
As empanadas are, good, it was. Presentation was better than most empanada places, also because mostly they’re cheaper and no-frills places.


Noodles **.5
Not on the menu, the chef dished this one out for us vegetarians. It was strictly OK, probably not too well tossed because the other two girls thought it was way too salty.
Si loved the noodles.

Trio of fries *
Recommended by a friend, I was eager to try this on, but it was such a let down. The batter in which the fruits/ vegetables were dipped was not good. The fries drank too much oil. The aioli was off the shelf. And who wants ketchup at a good restaurant?
Choclo *
peruvian corn, aji amarillo butter
Absolute miss. Undercooked corn.

Rice and beans ***
They did not mess this up.

Mousse ****
The chocolate shot with the spiced rim was a killer!  The mousse was rich and filling.

Red velvet **.5

I liked the East village location a lot better, especially in terms of the food.  It almost seemed like the chef put no love in the food here.  Disappointed, more because I had high expectations.

It was kind of a hurried departure; I’d made reservations for four, but it was six of us, eventually.  They accommodated us, but had to let us go by 9:30.  General chit chat, discussions of trips to Austin, some cool shoulders, some late turn-ups and the Friday was over.

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