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chocolate lychee gelato xtc hong kong

Dissenting darling (read hubster) + child with wheat, dairy, egg intolerances = sneaking out at nights for desserts.

And such a relief that the nice lady at XTC Gelato was so sweet and friendly unlike that one young lady at Emack & Bolio’s Central who rolled her eyes when I requested to taste multiple icecreams before buying. The whole nine yards with a pause, eye roll, shrugged shoulders, and a sigh.

I understand that not all their staff might be like that, but I’ll think twice before visiting Emack & Bolio’s Central again.

Coming to XTC Gelato, I tried their seasonal rose & lychee + chocolate. It wasn’t the best of combinations to go with, but the chocolate gelato was rich, dark and intense. And just like when you can tell how it’s different from an ice-cream. The rose lychee flavour was good, but icier, and not creamy enough, quite unlike gelato. But that chocolate was bomb.

But, at least the sweet lady on the counter was nice and friendly. How I’ve become such a stickler for politeness! Much to ask in the hospitality industry?

Don’t whinge and whine like me but enjoy your gelato and life before it melts.

chocolate lychee gelato xtc hong kong
chocolate lychee gelato xtc hong kong
chocolate lychee gelato xtc hong kong

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