Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant George Town

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Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant in Penang was where we squeezed in our lunch in the middle of the trishaw tour. It was February, very hot, and middle of the day.

While on the tour of the street art, my toddler was hungry. Of course. He didn’t want to eat the gazillion bread and muffins or drink the fresh fruit juices (for breakfast) which he would otherwise normally demand.

So, I requested our kind and elderly gentleman who was showing us around to stop for lunch, while offering to continue to pay his hourly rate. Thankfully, he obliged.

This restaurant was located in the Little India neighbourhood of George Town, Penang.

I am a fan of Southern Indian food, particularly dosas and idlis, but for lunch, Woodlands served only thalis, that included rotis or chapatis and vegetables. No idli, dosa, chutney and the likes.

The one platter that I ordered was big enough for the child and I. I happily ate all the vegetables, curries and lentils while the child ate the chapatis with yogurt.

The palate could be described as home cooked food. Not what I’d ideally like to eat on a short vacation, but not something to complain about, either.

Woodlands Indian Vegetarian George Town Penang Malaysia

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