Westin Resort Nusa Dua

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Westin Resort Nusa Dua

Not doing enough research beforehand + looking for some hotel with slides for the child for his birthday = Westin Resort Nusa Dua.

Westin Resort Nusa Dua
My beef? That it was in a gated community and stepping out meant taking a taxi, not being able to stroll by. My idea of a vacation is NOT spending time at the hotel. Means I rarely want to splurge on resorts.

But, this was my husband’s ideal vacation resort with plenty to offer, including a drop off for kids almost all day. Multiple pools. Bars by the pools. Beach at your steps.

And if this wasn’t enough, you had an array of other resorts in the community you could walk to – the likes of MeliaThe Laguna, the namesake Nusa Dua, Kayumanis and Awarta.

We walked past those that evening and it was fabulous. All hotels had al fresco dining, of course – by the beach. Some offered DJ music, some – live. It was absolutely gorgeous.

The Westin Resort Nusa Dua itself had plenty to offer. The place and property was big. A long walk to the room. So much to do. I felt quite weighed down. One was the guilt of not having done much in the past few days and knowing that we weren’t going to this day either.

Funny that everybody and their mother (pun intended) on Hong Kong Moms talks only about staying in luxury resort, and here I was, feeling overwhelmed. Jeez!

But, it was for the child and his love for water and his birthday. It was deciding between either a water park or a fancypants hotel. I chose a hotel that offered water fun. This one had just one slide but the child had a ball.

He kept asking for a present and I told him that the hotel and the experience was his present but he didn’t agree.

Mama, can I take it with me back to Hong Kong? No. Then it’s not a good present. I don’t like it.

I couldn’t stop guffawing and he couldn’t stop crying. Real tears.

Anyway, we went to the room, changed into pool costumes – the child and the hubster. I went along to sip on a grand cocktail.

Lunch was at their beachfront Indonesian restaurant Ikan after some playtime in the pool.

Post lunch, we tried to convince the child to go for some playtime in their play area monitored by sitters and aunties, while we went to check out their high tea.

And I’m sorry to say but it was such a disappointment. Only tea and coffee in the included beverages, others were paid! I missed Eastern Oriental in Penang which had so much to offer. Other things included pastries, small canapes. Overall, it felt really meh. Maybe because I’d been to Eastern Oriental‘s first and this one just didn’t hold a candle.
High Tea Westin Resort Nusa Dua
Latte Westin Resort Nusa Dua

Wrapping up from here, we went for some walk along the beach and those other resorts. Our hotel’s pool area and the gazebos offered a very pretty sight!

It would’ve been nice to catch another drink in that setup, but I was still reeling from the giant one I had in the day.
Cocktail Westin Resort Nusa Dua

Walk by the beach and we headed to the room where the child’s cake waited for us. Of course, it was this day that he didn’t want to cut his cake or eat it. Otherwise, he wants to cut the cake, no matter whose birthday it is, no matter if it’s not a birthday, everybody’s cake, anybody’s cake!

C’est la Vie!

I did get hungry later and ordered some room service. Again, very unlike me.

Next morning, the birthday was done! And so, after getting the child a breakfast of pancakes at one of the other restaurants in the hotel (buffet breakfast wasn’t included in my reservation so we passed), we packed him to the play area, again.

I hopped on to one of their shuttles to check out the shops at the Bali Collection and was back in less than an hour. We whiled some of our time by the beach before getting a taxi to the airport to be back.

A nice resort, perhaps I’d appreciated more with more time on hands. And if spending time at the hotel is your thing, then of these hotels here is certainly a great choice!

Lobby & Reception

Kids Club


Walk-in Closet

Pools & Slides
Water slide Westin Resort Nusa Dua
Swimming Pool Westin Resort Nusa Dua

Property Grounds


Beach Westin Resort Nusa Dua

Making a friend or two

Night Walk by the Other Resorts

And only two welcome refreshments at every single hotel, even though it was us three! They could see. Is it that hard?

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