Vineria S. Marta

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Vineria S. Marta

Italy being laid back, most restaurants open for dinners after 7 or 7:30 PM.  There are some that are open all day, but come now, would you want to dine there? :p

I have this thought in my head always – if it’s that easily available, it must not be good.  It sounds stupid, I know.

But having plenty of time in Vernazza and not wanting to do another hike meant doing this three wine flight here.  While the wines weren’t all that bad, I felt the pours weren’t sufficient for the price and the owner, felt polite on the face, not otherwise friendly.  We were the only ones there, so I expected a bit more friendlier service.  Not that a crowded place means you can get away with sloppy service.

Along with the wine flight came some simple focaccia, chips and biscotti (which could be dipped in the region’s famous sweet sciacchetra wine.

All of them were region’s local wines.  Another thing that I didn’t appreciate was two whites instead of one white one red, or being asked or given an option?

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