Verde Mar

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From visiting government offices to lawyer and solicitors to shop around for a reasonably priced notary all morning, I came to Verde Mar for lunch.

Good Mexican food in Hong Kong is yet a hidden for me, in Hong Kong. And that one disinterested server didn’t make it all the more experiential here.

I got a lunch set that comes with rice + beans. I was making sure the enchiladas were vegetarian but that server wasn’t sure and was so disappointed when I asked her to confirm with the kitchen if it was completely vegetarian – no animal stocks or fats or the likes.

The faces these people make makes me wonder why do they take people facing roles? It was noon. I was the only guest in the restaurant that far. Was she tired, having a bad or sad day or just plain indifferent?

After confirming with who looked like the supervising server that it would be vegetarian, and asking her to skip the cheese, I did order the enchilada lunch set. At least, she bothered to make eye contact, was a bit more interested.

And much to my dismay, it came out looking as depressing as that server. My vegetarian enchiladas were stuffed with refried beans, and served with a side of refried beans and rice. There wasn’t enough of the tomato salsa / sauce that is so typical of enchialadas that I’ve eaten so far.

And you know those onions that are sitting there, cut for a while and how they smell – they put those inside in the enchiladas along with the refried beans.

Wonder why they didn’t think of adding some vegetables. Basic peppers and tomatoes. What about cilantro?

The two salsas that were served with the meal were nice. Undersalted, but good. The chips were oil-drenched.

Hello good Mexican food in Hong Kong, where are you? I think ordering a margarita there would’ve done me some good. Because then I might not have cared as much about all this – and that I didn’t receive a bye or an acknowledgement while leaving. Such a shame, because the look and feel of the place was more inviting than the people there.


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