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Penang is a culinary Mecca, supposedly. The renowned street food was further down for me, plus I was told there might not be enough vegetarian options for me.

Being with a child by myself, I wouldn’t have hiked down there. So I just cabbed it up from the hotel to here.

Malaysia is famous for roti canai. In the US, it is and they usually have a coconut based curry. Little did I know that here, the vegetarian version of the curry is usually dal.  So that was disappointing. But everything else was superb.

We got an uttapam, a masala dosa, and a roti ‘canai’. The sambar, tomato dal, and chutney were free flow and self serve.

I fancied the chutney, as usual, given it was so good.

The child was friendly-ly threatened by an overzealous server who was only trying to be nice and help the mother (I) as he noticed the child wasn’t eating despite the mother’s pleading. Two more times of the server’s checking in, and tears streamed down the child’s eyes, when I asked the server to cut it off and pretended to be the hero to the child telling him I’ve taken care of it – him 😀

The food is quite cheap in Malaysia, probably cheaper than India. Paid and then walked back to the hotel. Which was less than 30 minutes, with the child. Strangely enough, the concierge there told me it would take me over an hour to walk it.



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