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IMG_20180224_143327_Bokeh Veggi Monster was a quick run for lunch after some park time on Saturday, after the husband chose to storm out because the breakfast wasn’t ready and he couldn’t wait an extra second even though I told him the plan was to go out for lunch, anyway ­čśÉ

Rather than sulking, the child and I decided to make use of the beautiful day it was. And spent a good two hours at the park close by. After plenty of cloudy days, cold days, was thankful for this bright and warm-ish and not-as-polluted day.

After playtime plenty, when the stomach started rumbling louder, we headed over here for our bites.

Their signature burger is their black, charcoal bun burger with black bean patty, mushrooms, truffle sauce, soy cheese over tomatoes and kale.

And the second burger we got was the beetroot burger with a spicy soy dressing. This one had mushrooms and peppers, with tomatoes and lettuce.

Both the burgers were good and quite flavourful. I’d recommend this place, though I would’ve enjoyed them more had the patties been thicker and hence more filling.

The child didn’t fancy either of the patties, sadly and did only with eating the buns. It’s more of a take-out place, but did have two small high tables to sit and nosh. We got one of those. IMG_20180224_141707
IMG_20180224_141712 IMG_20180224_141855_Bokeh
IMG_20180224_141905_Bokeh IMG_20180224_141908_Bokeh
IMG_20180224_141910_Bokeh IMG_20180224_142039_Bokeh
IMG_20180224_142047_Bokeh IMG_20180224_142129_Bokeh
IMG_20180224_142536_Bokeh IMG_20180224_143327_Bokeh
IMG_20180224_143331_Bokeh IMG_20180224_143338_Bokeh
IMG_20180224_143354_Bokeh IMG_20180224_143406_Bokeh

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