Umami Burger

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Umami Burger

The late lunch we had at 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon – was so worth it! One of those meals where you want to relish every bite and do not want it to get over.


R of S&R were the only two who were up for the city. I guess I was, because it had been a while and R was, because she had to get a cake for S for his birthday. So we decided to go brunching/ lunching in the city and then go cake shopping. Quite a time, we had! Continuing our husband bashing gossip from the day before, to a fantastically tasting lunch to deciding on the huge cupcake for S.

I had seen the Crumbs giant cupcake brought to one of the office farewell parties and I thought that looked really cute! I suggested it to R saying if she likes it, we could go ahead with that or continue looking for other bakeries. At the end, we decided on the giant chocolate cupcake with peanut butter and cream frosting.

Coming back to Umami burger, here’s what we had. And we ordered a second serving of the sweet potato fries.

Vanilla Creme – Quite good!

Sweet Potato Fries *****


House Pickle Plate *****





Earth Burger *****
With charred corn, black bean and forbidden rice patty, topped with soyrizo chili and fresh cilantro crema

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Umami Burger

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