uHoo Air Quality Monitor

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uHoo Air Quality Monitor

Family moves to Hong Kong. Experience bad weather days. Child gets the Hong Kong cough. Child’s eczema flares. Visit a few doctors. Mother reads online and browses forums plenty. Invest in Smart Air. Get to try uHoo to see if Smart Air is really working or not.

They say the air we breathe indoors can be much worse than outdoors. From simple things like furniture to cleaning products to even your basic shampoos, conditioners, they all contribute to the air quality. Everyday activities like cooking, appliances, the number of people inside a room greatly affect the quality of our indoor air.

Knowing what you can measure gives you an ability to manage. Knowing the quality of the air you’re breathing helps make better decisions about how you live! This knowledge helps you develop better and healthier habits, and in turn avoid any triggers for respiratory issues, amongst other things.

For example, I realized with this monitor that the CO2 levels shoot up crazy with closed windows in a matter of hours, inspite of having house plants. That my VOC levels, though, normal otherwise, would shoot up in the PM after cooking.

uHoo gives you the information and direction you need to take control of what you breathe. The monitor gives you a chance to be a step ahead to plan and prepare.

It is a smart indoor air quality monitor that detects toxins and allergens in the air, gives personalized recommendations and alerts on how to maintain a healthy and clean environment, and relates how changes in air quality affect your health

Yout get real-time data of Temperature, Relative Humidity, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, PM2.5, TVOCs, Ozone, Air Pressure. You have the option to see the historical data with backup. Real-time push-notification whenever air quality goes bad means you’re in control of what needs to be done.

Even while you’re away, you can pair it up with a few brands of purifiers and dehumidifiers to automatically switch them on, so you’re returning to healthy homes after a vacation and all.

I was obsessing with the numbers and data constantly while using it. In bad weather places or people with respiratory sensitivities, an air quality monitor is a good investment. And I found uHoo very simple and easy to use.

I, by default, am on a clean lifestyle with simple, the minimum and ones-you-can-read ingredients products, but using these monitors will give you a chance to think if your lifestyle is in need of an overhaul as well.

uhoo air quality monitor hong kong

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