Two Macdonnell Road

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Things I liked about here –
Though not directly related to the place itself, it’s Mid-Level! Right next to Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens. Meaning even if you’re lazy or it’s a hot day, you can step out for a bit to entertain the child and be back. A supermarket next door. A very nice vegetarian restaurant next door (read about it in my food blog?). 12A bus to Central, Admiralty and a few more stops in the city, all day. Their own shuttle bus on weekdays, mornings and evenings to similar stops.

They’re good. Tall buildings and a bit of Hong Kong skyline. I believe the other side of the building has better views.

Induction Cooktop
I’d heard about it but never got to using it. And it seemed good. Looks like those coil based ceramic / glass cooktop, only super faster. And apparently more energy efficient and doesn’t heat up the ambient as much as regular cooktops would.

Polite, friendly, prompt.

Things I less-liked (if that’s a term) about here.
Neatness / Cleanliness
Most of the unit is carpeted. The carpets, the upholstery, the curtains all looked dirty. Like unclean. And the child has been coughing everytime he buries his nose in the cushions by the sofas, even though we keep asking him not to. The husband and the child sneeze a bit much too. Not sure why that is.

We mentioned it to our relocation company and the apartment management offered to deep clean the place. So much that the sofas looked a shade lighter after the cleaning. Which made me wonder on much dirty it was before. It still doesn’t feel clean enough.

The bathtub plug was extremely unclean and black. They replaced it on request. Though what I’d asked for replacement was the shower curtain, since there was no way I was going to use that bath tub, even though it looked clean. With that plug, no. Also, slight black spots in the bathroom.

The Kitchenette
Though equipped, it was limited. Again, they had a kettle and thermos but they looked old and plastic-ky and not the cleanest so I put them away, in the cabinet. No coffee machine. No toaster. They had a saucepan and a stock-pot type container.

An uncle from here advised not to drink the tap water, and was surprised there wasn’t a fitting for water dispenser. Well, they have one on their gym floor, if you want to go there. We’ve been buying a little water, but mostly boiling and some refilling.

My idea of a serviced apartment was you can live like home, with all that you’d need available at that place, until you make your home in the new place.

This place certainly wouldn’t feel like home.

It might be sizable by Hong Kong standards, if I may, with more than 700 square feet space. Two bed, one bath, living and dining areas.

As I spend more time here at the apartment, I see that there is nail, or two, or three, but you can feel them – in the sofa; by the corners around the carpet in the bedroom.

The walls have wallpaper like things that is torn at various places. The carpet in the living room is uneven at so many places.

In their defence, they are working on revamping the looks. But that should’ve happened sooner, in my humble opinion.

They offer housekeeping three times a week. Towels and napkins replaced everyday, if you want it that way. No washers or dryers but they offer services for laundry.

I’d seen pictures of the place online and had an idea of what to expect, so wasn’t completely surprised, but a little disappointed as I was expecting all the fancy schmancies with a service apartment 😉

IMG_20170728_220649 IMG_20170728_220823
IMG_20170728_220851 IMG_20170728_221622
IMG_20170728_221632 IMG_20170728_221636
IMG_20170728_221641 IMG_20170728_221649
IMG_20170728_221655 IMG_20170728_221657
IMG_20170728_221748 IMG_20170728_221752
IMG_20170728_221827 IMG_20170728_221848

Update (funny that a post is being posted with an update): I’d written this post a little while back, didn’t get to posting it. They moved us to another unit, a higher floor. The carpets seemed a little cleaner and not as sunken that the other unit, but still pretty much the same.

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