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Tres Carnes

I come in on this Thursday evening. I tell the guy that I’m a vegetarian and would like to get a bowl. He acknowledges, pulls out the platter, serves the correct rice and beans in there. So far so good. Then, the add-in fillings which are an extra, he goes ahead and adds those to my plate without checking or informing. Three things – corn, chipotle squash and guacamole are a part of those extra fillings. He puts in the first two and then asks me if I want guacamole. Really!? Did you forget to ask me the other two or you meant to see if you could save your guacamole?

The lady who billed me up did not hand me the itemized bill, just the total amount. 10.25. I know it’s not bad for a dinner in the city but it’s not cheap either, relative to Chipotle or Qdoba.

And I totally dislike if the client/ customer isn’t informed of the costs. I knew it would be extra and didn’t fuss about them not specifically mentioning, which I usually do, but this is bad in the hospitality industry.

The food wasn’t bad, nothing to rave about either.

Disappointed with their ‘adding’ the ‘added costs’ without checking. Not that I can’t afford it, but management, listening?

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Tres Carnes

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