Tres Carnes (Midtown East)

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Tres Carnes (Midtown East)

I tried suggestaurant last week.

The restaurant I started with them was Tres Carnes.

On the day, they apparently didn’t receive my order but the staff member was very friendly and helpful and told me to tell him the order and that it’d be taken care of, when I told him that I’d used the credits.

The first thing that came to my mind was a similar incident at Hunan Manor where I paid using my credit card, not related to suggestaurant but the guy refused to give me anything saying he didn’t receive it. He was outright rude and I just decided to wait a few minutes, away from him. He then dos receive it and got me my stuff.

Cutting the chase, I just wanted to give thumbs up for the politeness. After all, this is hospitality industry.

The guacamole and chips had a decent amount of guacamole based on the price I’ve seen in most places. I didn’t like the squash much, with the big mushy chunks that were thrown in. The corn was OK, it’s tough to mess it up. The salsas that I tried were fine, not exceptional.

 Here’s what suggestaurant is, straight from their mouth – a newly launched delivery and takeout website with a social twist (and a dislike for capital letters). in short, suggestaurant lets you help friends decide what to eat (and they can return the favor) by ordering and then suggesting restaurants. and every time they order from your suggestion, you get a discount!

My lunch was taken care of by the credits suggestaurant gave me for trying them out.  You want to give it a shot?
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