Travel: Salzburg & Hallstatt

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Travel: Salzburg & Hallstatt

Note that the post is live(ish) – so grammatically, the tenses will be here and there and everywhere.

Here’s how I travelled / am traveling from Munich Airport to Hallstatt. I took Postbus from the airport – because time wise, it worked for me. This one dropped me at the Salzburg airport and almost right away, I got the local bus to Salzburg city. Based on where exactly you want to go, you could take bus 2 or 10.

I strolled some in Salzburg, getting the bus 10 and then getting off at a stop across the river Salzach. It was a bit cold and I wasn’t determined enough to go to the Hohensalzburg fortress. But I roamed around that area a bit, around the Mozartplatz.

Then crossed the river and read a blog of nice views from Zum Kapuzinerberg area. I didn’t end up hiking all the way up as I had a little carry on roller bag that I was lugging around, but I went up to a point where I got some views.
Came back and went to the Mirabelgarten and around and headed for the station, only to get them suggesting to take a bus, bus 150 to Bad Ischl and then a train from there to Obertraun and then the ferry. Everything else was as expected except taking that bus 150 instead of a train.

And this bus 150 passed the city center. In hindsight – a wasted hour, but I wouldn’t have known the trains were less feasible because of the construction.
How did I like Salzburg? It was good. Out of the world good? Depends, on what all you’ve seen so far.

It’s 3:49 PM and I haven’t had a meal since morning other than that boring United snack. And now I’m getting hungry.

What will I regret from this visit to Salzburg – not having a place to pin on my map of where all I’ve eaten ?

Oh and the weather today has been interesting – from sunny to cloudy to rainy to sunny to cloudy to rainy again. Currently – sunny.
Also, you have a million sources to read about the history and what not. I’ve not read the million, but a few 🙂
And what I decide to do is based and what I read and hear. So leaving that bit out for you to read on your own – you can be assured that I’ve done some vetting in deciding to go to the places I want to go or mentioning places that I didn’t go to but could have.
But just to give you a little summary of what Salzburg is famous for – salt and Mozart. And Sound of Music.
The views are stunning! Of this Wolfgangsee and the Salzkammergut region. Blue green waters and hotels and pretty houses all around. Wow!
All the complaining about having to take the bus, never mind 🙂
And if you have an option to take a car, do that. So that you can stop wherever you’d want to. To absorb the prettiness.

4:47 and rainy again.

4:54 Waiting at Bad Ischl station. Right next to the bus stop.

5:11 Train to Obertraun
It’s beginning to look Hallstatt.

5:24 PM Hallstatt IS the postcard village.
7:48 Retiring for the day

Though the Heritage Hotel where I stayed for some reason rang my room at 11:30 at night and then I was scared and couldn’t sleep for three hours!

Stay tuned for the complete slideshow and details on my hotel stay.  A few glimpses until then.

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