Travel: Salzburg & Hallstatt – Pictures Update

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A year late, but here I am.

My nanny of a little under three years says I’m one of the nicest people. She says that there’s no way she’d find someone like me. That there wasn’t a single moment in her time with me that she can complain about.

My husband of over ten years says I’m the most selfish person to have walked the face of this earth.

Both of them keep repeating that to me from time to time. Thankfully, I’m fairly thick skinned and don’t usually let other people dampen my spirits. The compliments, I keep :p

Anyhow, after lazy last two weeks, I’m trying to get back to getting my posts up. Confused between whether to write about my more recent Tokyo and Hong Kong days or my travel to bits of Eastern Europe last summer, the latter finally wins.

Sitting at Pacific Coffee yesterday morning with the sun shining right behind me, sipping on what they call a double chocolate romance, here I am. Such a shame they had a limited 30-minute free wifi, when the more nicer and cuter coffee shops offer unlimited!

You may or may not have read my live-ish updates from that day here. I was so happy from the beginning of the travel in the flight that I got newspapers. Physical newspapers! Just the thought of being able to read without being poked and prodded and what not (by a toddler) made me so happy. The fact that I didn’t read doesn’t matter, what matters is that it made me happy.

The first day of travel included all modes of transportation – air, land and water to my final destination for the day – Hallstatt. And it’s the most picturesque and postcard-place I’ve seen till date. A little village that you can walk on foot in hour, to and from and then some.

It was cloudy and rainy and cold but still colorful, was only imagining how much prettier it would’ve been with the sun shining. That less than half a day was enough to appreciate the beauty of the place. It’s supposed to be a honeymoon destination and my suite at the hotel was all that with stunning views, all to myself.

They call Austria poor man’s Switzerland, this Hallstatt was far from being cheap.

Here in pictures, is Salzburg. And Hallstatt. Salzburg could’ve done with more time since there’s a lot of history to it, and even otherwise. Not that I care as much about it, but, another time.


Salzburg & Hallstatt from BonViveur on Vimeo.

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