Travel: Rome

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If you’re following my restaurant blog, I’m sure you must’ve wondered if I actually found any time to do sight-seeing as I was so devoted to eating and drinking 700 times a day!

But I did!

The day to Rome started with a train from La Spezia to Rome, arriving in Rome around around 10:30 or so.

This, followed by check-in at Magnifico Rome, freshening up and leaving for the city.

My T-Mobile connection gave me a ditch here, otherwise it would’ve started of with lunching. But it started with a gelato followed by the one and only Colosseum or Amphitheater!

The irony that we had to wait in a very long line even after having bought tickets, because of the security. And you bought tickets after you cleared security! Duh!

It was grand. And I’m not going to overload you with the history here. I’ll keep it simple with what I did.

Next up was the Roman Forum, but almost as soon as we entered, our child woke up and we had to cut out because it was late and he hadn’t eaten anything since morning.

So we ate lunch at Angelino Ai Fiori followed by some strolling around, walking by the river Tiber and going to Trastevere district. It’s supposed to be a foodies heaven. It had it’s cobbled stone cute city charm.

Had it not been for this much time in Rome, we probably wouldn’t have done this neighbourhood. Some more strolling and then dinner at Taverna Trilussa. And then a train back home, I think. Don’t remember if we walked back all the way or not. We might have.

The next day started late. We woke up around or past 9. By the time we got ready and left, it was almost noon. Trust me on this, the hubster takes foreverrrrrr to get ready. But, we decided to take this day easy.

So we went to the Pantheon to get a lunch. Ended up getting two. One at Di Rienzo and one at Armando al Pantheon. Then we proceeded to actually check out the Pantheon. And then we strolled all the way to Piazza del Popolo. And then, stopped for a drink / coffee break. It had to be crossed off the list! Rosati.

After some people watching, we continued our stroll to the Spanish Steps which was the most underwhelming sight of the trip! I just couldn’t understand the significance. I probably saw steps grander than this the previous evening while we strolled around. And if not for Google Maps, if somebody told me those were it, I would’ve bought it.

Next up was the Trevi Fountain. Majestic. Blue. Nice. And baby K’s favorite thing is the fountains these days. We did not drop a coin. We saw a proposal. We turned back to walk some more. Then we turned back again to check out the fountain in the twilights and weren’t disappointed.

Then we proceeded to check out the Colosseum in the lights. Because we wouldn’t want to miss that, right. That, then dinner at I Monticiani meant a wrap for this lazy day.

But the third day, we more than made up for it. Read about it here. My meals this were at Pizzarium Bonci, Sciascia Caffe and Roscioli Caffè.

Since I’ve kept the blog simple, why not look at the photos and see some of what I saw 🙂

Rome & Vatican from BonViveur on Vimeo.

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