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A day late, but since I won’t post my glimpse from Budapest, here goes.

I liked Prague, didn’t love it. Probably a case of sky high expectations.


Day 3

5:06 – we are on our way to Prague. I took the ‘student agency’ bus from the main bus stop, but depending on where you stay, the other bus stop might be as accessible. Also, this one is little bit of an uphill walk.
The concierge at the hotel almost offered to call a taxi for me but I was like ‘nooo’! I’m by myself and wasting money on a taxi is just not me. I just made sure a couple of times that it was safe and I was on my walk. It was before sunrise so couldn’t get those pictures of the gorgeous town.
Off to catch some snooze now – 5:18
5:35 – stop at Cesky Budejovice
6:08 – a beautiful rainbow spotted

6:27 – raining
11:48 – now we have arrived. Prague! The Old Town Square looked grand. Not sure what to make out of the clock.
People gathered there for the noon deal.
And after some more roaming, I was back to complaining about its hyped and not as beautiful.
But when I came to the Prague castle, the views from here changed my mind. Still not on the ‘love’ scale.
14:48 – off to Mala Strana or Kampa neighborhood to enjoy a cup of coffee at Cafe Savoy.
Oh and rain, sun, clouds continue their pattern through the day.
18:35 – thinking of doing a little day or half day trip tomorrow. Might or might not after I see the monastery pictures today. Karlovy Vary looks like a colorful town.
Day 4
10:06 – on tram to Strahoff Monastery after buying ticket to Budapest. I’d already bought the sleeper supplement, needed to buy the ticket.

It looks like a beautiful day. Let’s see how it progresses through the day.
10:39 – nice views from up here of the Prague town, but too sunny to capture in pictures.

11:20 – just tram(ming) on tram 22 around town before I go to Lokal for lunch. Why tram 22? They say it has the most beautiful ride.

Noon: Nicholas Church towers has better views.

13:26 – lunch done at Lokal. Waiting to catch the tram 5 to get to St. Nicholas’s Church, and with that, exhaust my 24 hour transit card. Good use.

14:02 St, Nicholas Church – the only one of recent times I remember having to pay to get inside. Climbing to the domes are charged, but I don’t remember having to pay to get inside a church.

It’s a beautiful one, though.

And I’m dead exhausted. Apple’s Health app traces the number of steps. And here’s how I’ve done so far:

Day 1: 12,883

Day 2: 14,762

Day 3: 33,407 (whoa!) I’m not surprised though. It felt like I walked 57,000 miles yesterday. It was only only about 13 and change.

Day 4: 10,100 and it’s only 14:07.

18:47 – done with dinner and still 4ish hours to while. Wondering if doing Karlovy would’ve been a good idea.

21:57 – at the hotel, whiling my time, writing the blog, the internet speed is bad, so not getting much accomplished.

22:26 – at the station. Couldn’t decide if I should leave at 11 or now. Couldn’t decide if it would be relatively safer then or now. Prague is overall rated a safe city, but traveling solo, I am being extra cautious.

Also, the ticket agents are here. So that time I came in the morning to make sure I get the tickets wasn’t necessary after all. And with the issues I’ve had with the ticket machines in the past, internationally, I didn’t want to take a chance.

23:54 – this overnight train’s platform was announced late and the train doesn’t seem to have arrived. Or only half of it? The one that came kind of stopped in the middle of the platform. And all anxious riders rush towards it. On showing the ticket, most of them are asked to walk back as that is where the Budapest coaches will arrive.

00:12 – departed. And yikes, I pulled the emergency before departing thinking its a handle to get up on the third berth, which hardly has any room. Even my two year toddler might hit his head if he tries to sit up here. First time on a sleeper train in over 9 years now.


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