Travel: Phuket, Thailand

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IMG_20171216_134431 Phuket was a slow and lazy stay. Day 1 was marked by doing nothing. Some strolling on the streets and beautiful little temples. IMG_20171215_121216
IMG_20171215_121251 IMG_20171215_121415

Local fresh markets.
IMG_20171215_121553 IMG_20171215_121626

Some window shopping at Jungceylon with beautiful, beautiful elephant souvenirs.
IMG_20171215_123425 IMG_20171215_122630

IMG_20171215_123441 IMG_20171215_123740

A good looking food bazaar that I could only see and not eat at for the lack of vegetarian options.
IMG_20171215_123858 IMG_20171215_123901
IMG_20171215_124042 IMG_20171215_124109

Some cocktails at Sushi Box followed by a lunch at Yo Green Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant.

Followed by some more lazying. Massages. Some more window shopping. More beautiful elephants.
IMG_20171215_174329 IMG_20171215_174439
IMG_20171215_174719 IMG_20171215_174835
IMG_20171215_174924 To boards of where we’ve come from. Hong Kong? Or India? IMG_20171215_175317

I say New York 🙂
IMG_20171215_175307 Colorful tiles and coloured nails. IMG_20171215_175431

A dinner at Pizza Hut – Phuket. And then another one at Le Siam.

And then some sleep.

Giving the husband an ultimatum that if this is what he wants to do the next day, i.e. nothing, then the child and I will book a tour for the next day.

He agreed to come. So we booked a taxi for the next day. And here is how it looked like.

View from the Karon View Point.
IMG_20171216_104939 IMG_20171216_105536

Lunch with views at Friendship Beach Waterfront Resort.

The Big Buddha of Phuket.
IMG_20171216_130718 IMG_20171216_130926
IMG_20171216_131224 IMG_20171216_131858
IMG_20171216_132231 Good views and more roadside temples. IMG_20171216_134347
IMG_20171216_134431 Wat Chalong. IMG_20171216_141238
IMG_20171216_141406 IMG_20171216_141428
IMG_20171216_141633 IMG_20171216_141821
IMG_20171216_142300 IMG_20171216_142425

IMG_20171216_142811 IMG_20171216_143235
IMG_20171216_143325 IMG_20171216_143414
IMG_20171216_143610 Phuket Bird Park IMG_20171216_145306
IMG_20171216_163146 IMG_20171216_145410

Honey Bee Farm, where the farm was non-existential. It was more like a shop.
IMG_20171216_165117 Some chocolate honey ice cream. IMG_20171216_170111

And mead.
IMG_20171216_170907 More temples. IMG_20171216_171657
IMG_20171216_173545 Old Town, which is so colorful and I’d recommend strolling around. IMG_20171216_175425
IMG_20171216_175522 IMG_20171216_175526
IMG_20171216_175531 IMG_20171216_175616
IMG_20171216_175901 IMG_20171216_180020
IMG_20171216_180753 Weekend Night Market IMG_20171216_190407
IMG_20171216_190409 IMG_20171216_190457

And dinner at O Oh Farm – Suan Luang and a wrap.

Today, we head off to the airport to pick his sister and cousin and head to Krabi. Stay tuned for the rest of my trip and my lunch stop on the way to the airport 😉

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