Travel: Naples

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Naples was a pleasant charmer. It was Sunday. All that we did there was eat, eat and eat. If you read my food posts from there, you’ll know.

I ate here, here, and Gran Caffe Neapolis.

Naples reminded me of Calcutta. Narrow streets. Carts and all. Not so clean. Old building. Clothes hanging / drying outside.

The place certainly had ‘character’. It was Sunday and very quiet. Having read all the notorious things about Naples, I was quite nervous going there. But it was a quite evening and thankfully nothing uneventful happened.

I’m sure a weekday experience would’ve been a whole different story 🙂
And probably those underground tours too.

The day started from Amalfi. A bus to Sorrento. Circumvesuviana train to Naples. A bit of a walk to the various pizza places.

The local bus stops in Amalfi coast are the best places to get the bus timings. Though I did scour the internet and was finally able to locate a schedule that looked right, but you’re better off asking them there.

The Circumvesuviana train station had attendants so you could confirm the schedules there. This is supposedly the worst patch for pick-pocketing. All you’ve got to do is be careful.

I held my crossbody Coach bag really tight and close all throughout.

If I have time and money, I’d like to return to Naples to explore more 🙂
This would be true taste into some of Italy.

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    1. fumblingthroughitaly, thank you 🙂
      Let me know how you like Naples. I thought it was quite a package! Would love to be there on a hustling weekday, someday

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