Travel: Geneva and Annecy

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Travel: Geneva and Annecy

10:44Birdie Food & Coffee

Roamed around a bit in old town, Geneva, around the cathedral.

Waiting for the bus to Annecy. A guy is proper high, dancing not on the side, not making a fuss, though.
Earlier today, I walked around in the town, from the hotel Windsor to the old town, cathedral and around. The sights are a welcome change from the tire cities of the Golden Triangle.
Everything here looks relatively new. The water fountains are adorned with flowers – nothing I saw in any other country in Europe I’ve visited thus far.
It’s also cleared from the cloudy weather from the morning, and is starting to get hot. Can’t complain for he sunshine ­čÖé

Route A41 for Annecy.

Looks like we’re there

Lunch – Restaurant Asiatique


Vegetable curry

Annecy was a great call. It’s beautiful in this raining / pouring weather. Imagining the beauty on a sunny, clear day!

Coming back isn’t a direct bus and hence is taking longer. I reached there around 13:20 and took the bus back at 17:15, allowing for plenty time to roam and eat.
Also note that the weekend buses don’t depart from the city center, but Carouge, and the stop is marked with the bus going to Annecy, plus you can ask around to make sure. I checked with the McDonald’s people across.
Also, round trip fare is 24. I bought it on the bus and was able to buy only one way going to Annecy at 12.60, but while coming back, I bought it at the stop, showed they earlier ticket and they charged me less than 12.60, leading to a total of 24.
The marina in Geneva was beautiful and colorful. The town was also handsome looking. It was a pleasant change to the sights from the Golden Triangle cities, but will all the European charm of cobbled stones and all still intact.
It’s 10:50 of the following day – Sunday, right now as I wrap this post up and my trip. My solo trip here, the first time leaving my two year old alone for a week. I’ve done a night, twice in two years.
As much as it was a good trip, can’t wait to get back to the child and the hubster.

More photos to come, here’s a few for now.

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