Travel: Cesky Krumlov

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Travel: Cesky Krumlov

Day 2
8:50 – En route Cesky Krumlov, after a breakfast at Heritage.

11:23 – as we get closer, the sights are getting nicer with cute little colorful towns, water streams (river Vlatava) and people rafting.

The castle tower views were good. A little hike and more good views. My hotel opens up to the castle tower. At least the EUR 100 is worth it.

Sitting at Apotheka and enjoying my absinthe, old fashioned. You’ll see a video on my food blog. 13:55 right now.

Oh and the town is gorgeous. I was debating between leaving for Prague the same evening or staying overnight and leaving for Prague the same evening sounds totally doable, though I might not have had the time for this cocktail.

14:47 – sunny! Respite to the cold. Walking along Vlatava.

Or, I just thought with how I planned, I could’ve taken a later shuttle and done those ice caves and funicular in Hallstatt. Time, 14:53

15:07 – walking to make sure I’ll find the bus stop tomorrow morning!

And I think even if you take a later transit from Hallstatt to here and then take the last bus from here to Prague the same day, you’ll still have decent time to appreciate Cesky Krumlov. Only thing you’d need to think about is the luggage

16:07 – can’t believe I came back to the hotel for a bathroom break. Can’t believe I came back for a break when I can be out and about without any nagging from people (read hubster). Can’t stop regretting that I could’ve gone to Prague today itself. Can’t stop thinking that the hubster would’ve liked this day – quiet and relatively lazy. Last, can’t stop clicking pictures.

And then, after about an hour of lazing, I stepped out and walked around for another hour – I think I walked every street in the city center. The views from the castle tower were good. As you walk further up, the views were as good.

More photos to follow. And read about what I ate and drank on my restaurant blog eventually. Until then, my Instagram will tell a picture story too.

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