Travel: Capri

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Thanks to my colleague from WPP who said there’s no point going to Amalfi Coast / Naples if you wouldn’t go to Capri. I’m glad I paid heed to her advice. And I went.

Capri is beautiful. Though the time we spent there wasn’t enough. We couldn’t take the 9ish AM ferry, because, oh well, the hubster’s on a vacation and doesn’t like to get ready soon and doesn’t like to get up early.

So, taking the 10 AM ferry meant getting there by 11ish. Itineraries – Capri Day Trip – A One Day Itinerary – Island of Capri was somewhat how I planned it. Though I thought a full island boat tour would be much, so I took a day pass and went to the the Grotto Azura first. You have to, have to do this. Even if it means this is the only thing that you get to do in Capri. You will not forget those beautiful blues. And they will take away all your blues.

Then we ate here – Barbarossa and then took the chairlift to Mount Solaro. The views were good. Then we came back down.

And my brain must’ve been on a vacation too, just like my husband ­čśŤ

I was ambitious enough to take a bus around the island just like that. It was almost 4:30 PM. But the hubster suggested that we go down, get the tickets and time and then do this ride. So we did. And thank goodness for that, because by the time we came to the ticket counter, it was almost time for the boat to depart. The last boat to depart. And we ended up walking in the wrong direction. Then turned and went running to the boat. Were the last ones to get on as they were ready to sail.

Phew! Our hearts were pumping, but what’s a holiday without some fun like this, right?

On our way back, we stopped at Positano (read about it on my Amalfi Coast post).

It was a short day. That extra hour in the morning could’ve counted. Also, I should’ve checked the schedule as soon as I arrived to probably be more prudent and save each minute here and there.

But, like I said, my brains decided to vacay ­čśŤ

Capri from BonViveur on Vimeo.

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