Travel: Budapest

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Travel: Budapest

Day 5
10:27 – Waiting for the past 30 minutes to get my Budapest card.
12:03 – the tour is boring. Sorry, but it is. Didn’t stop to touch any statues. Wait, I want all the luck. Will go back again 😉
20:47 – you can tell it’s been a busy day with such infrequent updates. I had a fun dinner at For Sale Pub (yes, you’ll read about it on my restaurant blog) and now am on my way to Fisherman’s Bastion for the night views of the Parliament.

Day 6
11:12 – done with the Gellert Thermal Baths. Waiting to go to Szamos Today. Waiting for the bus, I mean.
I’ve noticed much less public smoking in Prague and Budapest than all of Italy, Portugal, Spain and even Scandinavia.

12:29 – little musical parade at the Hungarian Parliament as I wait for the Szamos Today appointment.

Day 7:
6:42 – first class to Austria. B’bye Budapest. You were beautiful. 

It was grand – from the parliament to the fancy Matthias Church to the views from Fisherman’s Bastion and Bethany Ter. The baths and the Citadel. A fun ruin pub and an even fun(ner) pub with hay straws and peanut shells all around.
And a brilliant food – langos. Why would you eat pizza baked, ever?
Lots of more photos and deets to be up soon.

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