Trattoria Giovanni

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Trattoria Giovanni

So, for the hubster, this was kept a lazy day too. An early dinner – read just waiting for the restaurant to open and get in, not far from the place where we were staying.

I had read about a Trattoria Giovanni, but think this wasn’t the one. This one was great though. Why I say this might not have been the one? After dinner, as we walked to our Airbnb location, I saw another Trattoria Giovanni with more people, way more stickers – more like badges of good food adorning that place! Talking about never being satisfied!

Only that I was, with this place 🙂

That ribollita. Oh my, I wanted to eat ribollita for all my meals afterwards, here in Florence. It’s a thick stewish soup, mostly vegetables, some beans and stale bread dipped in. Some places serve it so thick that you could eat it off a plate.

This was served in a bowl here but the consistency was great. And the taste too. I must say I did eat ribollita a few other times here, but this was the best tasting one.

Then we had a brown butter sauce and sage gnudi, which was also very tasty, soft and succulent. Brown butter sauce, or ghee, as we call it is a no brainer. There’s no savory dish I know of that can’t be enhanced just by adding ghee. Coming back to these gnudi here, they could’ve been the softest I’ve eaten till date.

A glass of wine to go with it. It was different and had a different peppery taste to it.

The lunch place earlier in the day didn’t serve any bread. And this one tasted bland. It took me another meal and then some reading to realize that breads in Tuscany are made without salt.

That was our simple and quick dinner. It was interrupted by taking the almost two year old child to the restroom more than two times in our short time here. He was almost being potty trained and it was a disaster! Thankfully, the food wasn’t.

This was certainly one of the meals that I was satisfied with, during my stay in Italy.

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