Trattoria Da Cumpa Cosimo

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Trattoria Da Cumpa Cosimo

So this one was bookmarked too. And we went in early, to be able to get back on a bus to Amalfi. So, the place was empty. A server came down, putting his apron.

My first thought was that my craving for authentic Italian food will not be satisfied this day either. I was very tempted to go sit at another place. But I didn’t. And was I glad or what!

We ordered wine, and a bit later, a few people started to come in, giving me some confidence. Then a lady came in, to take our order. That gave me some more confidence. What she was wearing was what I had pictured of (relatively older) Italian women wearing, traditionally.

We ordered a local wine carafe, eggplant parmesan and some pesto pasta. The eggplant parmesan came out too soon, making me think that she just warmed it up and that it was pre-done or whatever. All my concerns went out of the window when I tasted it. It was GOOD.

So was the pesto pasta. This was the kind of pesto I was hoping to get in the Cinque Terre, but that didn’t happen. And after eating pasta cooked al-dente for the past few days, this perfectly cooked linguine was a welcome. Top it off with a very flavorful pesto.

And that wasn’t all the cherry on the cake. When she saw my child not eating what she herself got for him – some thin rigatoni, topped with pomodoro sauce and cheese, they took it back, and got him some plain boiled rigatoni (fat) and played with him a bit and made sure he ate. This! This was my best meal experience ever! I just loved it.

We ended it with a coffee and that sweet lady brought some fresh strawberries for baby K. All the while, her grand daughter hopping on and off to play with K.

This was a wonderful experience that will stay with me forever. I’ve read and heard about Italian culture being similar to Indian and all the merry making and stuff. This reminded me of that, a little bit. Seemed like the family stayed up there. And it was a family run place. Finally, my craving for eating at a place I was wanting to was checked off the list, even though it was on the seventh day of my trip.

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