Trattoria Casalinga

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Trattoria Casalinga

This was a first of a kind experience in Italy. In Florence. After over a week in Italy. We arrived right before the restaurant’s dinner opening time and saw a line. Actually there were two. One on either side of the entrance. And as the restaurant opens up, there’s not quite any waiting. You barge in. Really. And the staff seats you in the first come barge order :p

While waiting outside, we chatted up with two lovely ladies from London, who had fallen in love with Florence and kept visiting Tuscany for some creative classes and all.

They assured we were at the right place. They assured my husband we were at the right place. Why? Because before getting to this place, right around the corner, there was another pizza place with a similar kind of line. And pizza is what my hubster looooves.

So he and I being the funny we, he stood in that line and I stood in this, and whoever got in first is the place we would go to 🙂

The food here was decent, but this won’t be on my top list of the restaurants I visited during my two weeks here. And here’s the funny conversation with our server.

Me: We are vegetarians.

He: Then you are really at the wrong place.

Me: [Grinning]. Is the ribollita vegetarian?

He: Yes, it is.

Me: And the ravioli?

He: Yes 🙂

Me: And I see pesto, could you make us some spaghetti pesto instead of spaghetti pomodoro.

He: Sure.

Me: Perfect, that’s enough food for us 🙂

The bread, as I mentioned in my earlier posts, is the plain Tuscan bread with no salt. Same with spaghetti. Good pesto, but the spaghetti al-dente for us. And the ribollita was good, but that first one the previous night was something else. This tasted more of the greens and the olive oil, which isn’t a bad thing, but it was missing that tang and subtle sweetness of the tomatoes which I think the previous place had.

I also don’t recollect the ravioli stuffing, but the wrapper wasn’t as thin or melt-in-mouth that I’d like it to be. It could be the same thing, al-dente or not!

Quick dinner. With a wee bit of room left for the next stop. Keep reading!

They had these house wine carafes ready to be brought to the tables.

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