Topolino’s Italian Restaurant

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After checking in to our accommodation for the next three nights in Hazyview, we hurried to get dinner because it was late-ish for the kids.


Topolino’s Italian Restaurant was right by there and we hopped in. The place was huge, but their outdoor seating was full. They had power outage inside, where they’d sat us in. Hot, no fans. Promise to move us to a table outside but then moving another party there before us, a forgotten order and it was quite chaotic.

The food was unimpressive, at best. But not a lot of collective hunger meant not all was lost. We ordered a pizza, a pesto pasta and eggplant parmesan between us. Both the kids had already dozed off by then.

The eggplant parmesan could be the worst I’ve eaten – raw, undercooked and tough and chewy eggplant. Bland tomato sauce and too much parmesan which wasn’t the best quality, either.

The pesto pasta was alright and the nothing much to fuss about there, nothing much to rave about it either.

And the pizza was ok-ish. Yes, coming from New York, finding a good slice is a tall order.

Fresh garlic and chilies were a first for us at a pizza place. We’ve been used to flakes, so this was interesting.

The saving grace could be the staff – they were apologetic on mentioning about giving away the outdoor table to someone else and friendly in general.

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