Tickets to Norway

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Well, after all the sadness over the weekend about booking tickets to Italy and then having to cancel it because I could not find any reservations for Schengen visa in time for the trip, to finding that Norway consulate had dates in the second week of May but that it was cutting a bit too close to travel in time for the memorial day long weekend, to sending an email to the consulate about whether I’d be able to make it to receiving a timely response from them telling them I could, to finding much cheaper tickets to Norway than Italy, to booking a visa appointment in the Norwegian consulate and finally booking the tickets to Norway through Chase Sapphire on a call after holding for 50 minutes.

What are your must-do(s) in Norway? With a one-year old in tow?

I am looking at Fjord Norway and Southern Norway, in addition to doing a bit around Oslo. I have only just started reading about it. How difficult is the Norwegian language to learn? How easy is it to get by there in English language?

The fun part about this trip is that it might happen with two friends with their little one in tow. I say might happen because of the way my travel stars have been so far 🙂
I don’t want to jinx anything!

Is it too early to say skÃ¥l to looking forward to planning towards a fun trip 🙂

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