The Yuu

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the yuu stir fried udon noodles


The Yuu, located in Hopewell Center, Wanchai is a Japanese restaurant that I went to, for lunch today.

Before getting seated, I checked with the host / server to make sure they had vegetarian options. He confidently said they did, including set lunches. I was assigned a seat by the sushi & sashimi making counter. The Japanese restaurant welcomes are quite energetic.

A bit uncomfortable with the smell and the view – fish and all – but it took me only a few minutes to let it go, before deciding if I wanted to sit elsewhere.

On checking with the server who came to get my order on set lunch, he said they wouldn’t be able to do that, but will dish out the vegetarian order individually. The lunch set would’ve been a steal, with coffee, rice or mini udon, soba, sushi and such. And I saw no reason why they couldn’t have done the set lunch, but I decided not to give them a hard time and went with udon with stir-fried vegetables.

The order took some time, but I was OK browsing the HK Moms Facebook group until then. But the plate arrived, nice and hot with big fish skins on the top. I could smell it and see it. And then waited two minutes to get the server to come who apologized right way for forgetting for not having anything living on the plate, and took the plate away.

A couple of minutes later, he got the same plate, apparently having just skimmed off those fish skins [facepalm] [head shake]. I could still see a few in there and then waited for another two minutes to ask him to get me a cleanly made plate, showing him those remnants of the skins.

Then I waited a few more, but was relieved to see a vegetarian plate. All the while, I wondered if I should just ask him to leave it be, and I’ll lunch somewhere else, but I braved it 🙂

The noodles were hearty, soft, cooked well. Seasoned with soy sauce, it included cabbage and sprouts plenty, mushrooms and carrots sparingly. But the taste was good.

I downed them with a bit of wasabi for that extra kick.



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