The Whole Earth Restaurant

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IMG_20171223_201834 The place is good for groups. Good for date. Family meal. Good looking cocktails. Romantic ambience. Illuminated.

Food wise, it’s quite a mix of Indian and Thai. The Indian curry we got was palak paneer. And it was a paneer crumble with spinach. Great on taste. Chapatis to go with it.

My Thai curry, massaman, tasted much like dabeli masala curry. Much. There wasn’t much Thai about it. Lesson from the two experiences in Thailand, if it says Thai food and Indian food, you’re better of sticking to Indian food. The Thai didn’t seem authentic enough here.

The child’s spring rolls were good. Fresh and not deep fried. They called it vegetable cake or something like that.

I got the Singapore sling and the kids shared mango lassi. Overall, the cocktails seemed to be lacking punch here. Just not strong enough. Not.

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IMG_20171223_195937 IMG_20171223_195950
IMG_20171223_195955 IMG_20171223_200014
IMG_20171223_200020 IMG_20171223_200021
IMG_20171223_200028 IMG_20171223_200041
IMG_20171223_200047 IMG_20171223_200047
IMG_20171223_200120 IMG_20171223_200903
IMG_20171223_200959 IMG_20171223_201526
IMG_20171223_201538 IMG_20171223_201543
IMG_20171223_201653 IMG_20171223_201657
IMG_20171223_201702 IMG_20171223_201720
IMG_20171223_201723 IMG_20171223_201731
IMG_20171223_201735 IMG_20171223_201804
IMG_20171223_201811 IMG_20171223_201831
IMG_20171223_201838 IMG_20171223_201853
IMG_20171223_201857 IMG_20171223_201921
IMG_20171223_201923 IMG_20171223_202308
IMG_20171223_202312 IMG_20171223_202315
IMG_20171223_202332 IMG_20171223_202341
IMG_20171223_202409 IMG_20171223_202404
IMG_20171223_202427 IMG_20171223_202429

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