The VegVolution Kitchen

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The VegVolution Kitchen

The Vegvolution Kitchen  name was doing rounds on the couple of Facebook groups that I’m on, so we decided to give it a go this Saturday evening.

For dinner, there’s a per person minimum spend of HKD 200, which you’ll have no problems meeting, given their small portions and relatively high prices.

We went ahead with their vegan pizza entree, that comes as a set, with a soup, salad, and tea or coffee. You can upgrade to get sangrias or wine. We got half & half pizza, which was two mini pizzas – tomato & vegan caviar and the other was kale and fig.

At the cost of sounding like a New York snob, a pizza snob, and a bit discerning sometimes, the pizzas were disappointing. They tasted more like fat-breads, if I may, topped with vegan cheese and vegetables, or fruits, in the case of our other choice. And those could’ve done with some more baking. They tasted doughy to me.

The salad that came with it was a vertically, thinly sliced piece of cucumber, rounded for presentation, alongwith exactly two cut pieces of cherry tomatoes, one slice of a baby beetroot, and quinoa with zero seasoning. On the side was tamari-like sauce for it. The plate was very pre-pared as the cucumber looked dry and dehydrated from sitting in the refrigerator for too long.

And then there was an overdose of tamari throughout. Like those salad greens. On our fig pizza, on the side for the vegan pepperoni burger that I ordered. WIth the eggplant tempura. Bleh! Where’s the variety?

The soup was home-style carrot tomato, which was simple and decent. Topped with vegan butter / cream and sprinkled with herbs. Came with a piece of bread that was slightly toasted.

The burger tasted good, including the light bun. And the eggplant tempura was great too, slightly underseasoned, but crispy, crunchy on the outside and a very soft and melt-in-mouth texture inside.

The closing dessert of the set was a coffee pudding, served in a disposable plastic cup with a disposable plastic spoon! Which went on to tell that it may have been sourced from somewhere else. But they could’ve been greener with it, still?

The house white that we ordered with the set was a very sweet white, and at $60, a very small pour.

My overall opinion – high prices, disappointing tastes. And pizza snobs, don’t even bother.

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