The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho

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The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho

The Prince Gallery was our home for three weeks the July of 2017.

That July when we bid a temporary goodbye (or so I hope) to New Jersey & New York. New Jersey where we lived (literally). New York where I ate (literally :p)

Before heading to Hong Kong which was to be our home for 2 years, now going on to 3 (?), we stayed in Tokyo for three weeks. I had the time of my life. I loved every bit of those three weeks barring my haircut.

Tokyo was the cleanest city I’ve been to till date – bathrooms included. The only place where I didn’t feel the need to wipe the seat before putting the child on.

Tokyo had the politest people I’ve met, going out of their way to help. The hotel staff spoilt us with their kindness, to say the least.

The food – BRILLIANT.

No wonder I’m head-over-heels in love.

I left my phone the first week in a UNIQLO store, realized it only a few minutes later but it was still sitting where I accidentally left it.

This beautiful hotel, the location, the views and everything certainly added to my time in Tokyo. It’s everything a five-star hotel could ask for, and more. Great views, modern decor, polite service, turndown service and what not.

Now a part of Marriott Bonvoy, Prince Gallery was one of their nicer hotels I’ve been in. Being Tokyo, it was all techy and geeky, with an i-Pad and hence easy clicks to the lights of the room, the blinds to ensure pitch darkness, when necessary and other features.

And you got to love Toto. The toilet area had a sliding door and move sensors. The moment you slid the door open, the seat would go up, warm up. After you’d done your deed, besides cleaning and air drying your tushy (do NOT google search it, lest spoil your search history – just learnt my lesson as I type this) with the click of buttons, it automatically flushed and put the seat back down as you exited and closed the door behind you.

The location was very convenient – a stone’s throw away from “Akasaka Mitsuke” station that my son loved saying.

I’ll try to shake over my procrastination and get to writing about my time in Tokyo, enjoy the pictures of the hotel, until then. Some restaurant deets are up, already.

The first couple of pictures are from my One Plus, the rest from my old iPhone.

The Building

IMG_20190328_132027Night By The Hotel
UntitledWelcome Platter
UntitledNeat Slide In Glassware
UntitledNow You See Me
UntitledNow You Don’t

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