The Little Scandinavian Diary

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The Little Scandinavian Diary

I would L.O.V.E to travel the world and I have been meaning to do it for a long time, I haven’t particularly done anything towards it.  I’d guess I’m pursuing it more passionately only now.  Now, I have a little baby, who is 13 months old.  I stay in the US and I am on H1-B and have to get my visa stamped from time to time and sometimes, that limits my travels.  But I have decided that I won’t complain, and make the best of what I can.

You know what they say, you can’t go back and make a new beginning.

It sounds so random.  That’s the thing about novice writers 🙂

Anyhoo!  After so much dancing and prancing here (blog) about my first ever trip to Europe, as though I’m the first person to do it, it’s only fair that I fill you in on some of it.

I’ll just give you a brief summary of our trip here, and try to follow up with the deets in my following posts.  Procrastination is easier, but I’ll try to battle it.

May 21st – Fly out of EWR after work, around 8 PM to Oslo.  We flew United.

May 22nd – Reach OSLO, around 9:30 AM.  Explore the city.

May 23rd – Take a long bus (Nettbuss) at 7:30 AM in the morning to Malmö.  Reach there around 2:30 PM. Forget our winter jackets (hubster’s and mine) in the bus.  Explore Malmö.

May 24th – Take a train to Copenhagen.  Well, we took the train – but I’d suggest you take a bus, if you want better views of The Oresund Bridge.  Arrive there around 11:00 AM.  Explore Copenhagen for the day.  Do a boat tour. Lose a mobile phone – either in a bus or on the street.

May 25th – Explore some more of Copenhagen.  Take the express train from to Stockholm around 6:30 PM.  Book the tickets in advance to avoid paying a bomb on the day of travel.  At least we got first class. :-/  Reach Stockholm around 11:40 PM.

May 26th – Explore Stockholm.  Do the Under the Bridges Tour.

May 27th – Explore little more of Stockholm.  Little because the husband was ‘tired’.  I mean, come on!  The little one year old baby has not complained about it.

May 28th – Take a 1 hour, 30 minute flight to Bergen, Norway at 10:30 AM.  I would’ve taken an earlier flight, were it an option.  Explore Bergen.  Take the train to Evanger.  Miss getting off at Evanger because the conductor/ train master was trying to catch up as the train was running late.  Go to Voss, spend 40 minutes there in the train and get the same train back to Evanger.

May 29th – Take a train to Voss to get a bus to Gudvangen.  Only because your fellow friends insist that the bus from Evanger to Gudvangen isn’t running because the Airbnb host told them that and they don’t bother to confirm.  Spend some time at Voss, eat a late breakfast a nice rustic cafe and reach Gudvangen.  Eat a burger and get the ferry to Flam.  Pray to the Sun God that they smile on us.  They do, as the clouds clear up a little towards the end of our ferry ride.  Spend a leisurely and lazy evening at Flam.

May 30th – Spend an even lazier morning.  I’d suggest you do something, before taking the train to Oslo.  It was Flam – Myrdal on the famous Flam line.  Much hyped.  Followed by a much prettier Myrdal – Oslo in an amazing NSB train in a kids friendly compartment that had a superb play area for them.

May 31st – Get the flight back to home!  We flew back around 11:30 AM.  It was a waste of a day, I would’ve preferred something in the evening.  But, you can’t get everything, right?  Cheap tickets and your preferred times and all that.

As much as I enjoy any trip, it’s awesome to get back home!  And the deal this time was even sweeter, with the nanny coming in on Sunday afternoon.  We came home to fresh and hot daal chawal and the nanny took care of baby K.  I’ll tell you, it was like the perfect cherry on the cake.  You’ll call it an exaggeration, I’ll say NOT.


On a side note, I’ve been updating my restaurant and food stuff on my food blog.  It’s helter skelter, but it’s going up there, in case you’re interested.

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