The Green Mango

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The Green Mango

The Green Mango seemed to have a mix of cultures on offer, mostly Vietnamese, some pizzas on the food front. Middle Eastern music while I waited for my order that Monday afternoon for lunch.

It was aubergine with turmeric and other herbs grilled in banana leaf, with my quang noodles. I wanted to go for the curry, which, to my dismay, wasn’t vegetarian.

Fresh raw turmeric is a tricky herb to work with. It is too overpowering if not executed well and that was the case here. While the eggplant was grilled great inside banana leaves, it lacked enough salt. So did the my quang noodles. Soy sauce to the rescue.

The amount of time they took to get the dish probably meant it was made to order. The eggplants were cooked perfectly – juicy and tender.

The my quang noodles reminded me of the Hong Kong rice rolls – but these were not as chewy, separate strands of noodles that looked hand-cut. They were delicately seasoned and would be a great accompaniment to any curry, sauce, vegetable stir fry.

I’d recommend the place in Hoi An, Vietnam for vegetarians and vegans. There are plenty of options. And their happy hour runs from noon all the way into the night. So might as well get the party started earlier 🙂


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