The Doughnut Project

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The Doughnut Project

I was invited to pay them a visit, and so I did. On this sunny Sunday morning that turned out sweet with these doughnuts for breakfast.

This two-ish month old place had a color of it’s own.  Seriously!  See the pictures below.

I tried the ‘bulletproof tiger’ which was pineapple and habanero.  The good thing about this was that slight spice kick.  Though I wasn’t able to capture the stripes, in some photos on their website, it looks pretty!

I also tried their popular ricotta beet ones, which were stuffed with ricotta cheese and had a beet glaze.  The good thing about this was that perfect combination of slight salt in the ricotta with the sweetness of the doughnut and the glaze.

And because I was still left craving for more, I gave their special a shot – ‘the lemon drop’, which was a bit too tangy for me.  Duh, you ordered the lemony one, you say!  Yes, I was imagining a creamier stuffing to cut all that tang.  Though it had a lot of ‘freshness’ to it with lemon and the lemon zest in the sugar glaze.

The doughnuts were light and airy, but felt a little doughy in some parts.

I would’ve been interested in trying more – especially their olive oil one, and the chocolate one.  But I felt a tad shy of asking them for more, since they’d invited me, and also that I might not have been able to finish them all, and I would not have liked to waste them .

On further conversation with owners Leslie and Troy, I learnt that they try to source their ingredients locally and believe in keeping it simple and real with the ingredients – just how I like it.

They serve coffee, to go with the doughnuts.  While I was there, one of their customers asked if they served tea, too.  To that, I heard Troy responding, “We don’t, as a lot of our neighbors serve it.  We play a fair game.”  I was sold!


The Doughnut Project
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