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IMG_20171217_125231 German owned, this was a nice place we went for lunch, on the way to the airport to pick up the sisters-in-law.

It had to be a rushed meal since we thought we we were late and our driver couldn’t stop pointing it out to us. I knew we weren’t, and in hindsight we weren’t.

The Corner Restaurant – Cherngtalay, Phuket

I got their signature tom yum martini which was all things delicious, with kafir lime leaves, red chilies, lemongrass. It was sweet enough, sour enough, and they rimmed the glass with salt.

The massaman curry was very good and different. The first time I saw them add cinnamon to it, which gave it a nice earthy flavour. Presented in a nice pot, it looked extremely appetizing. The rice came wrapped in leaves.

The fried was simple, classic and tasty. The spring rolls, again, hardly greasy. The french fries for the child were fried to perfection and properly seasoned. We ordered another green curry and fried rice to go.

The green curry tasted good as well, but they forgot to wrap up our massaman curry with us.

Once again, a place I’d recommend. Not sure if it’s my love for Thai food that’s talking or I’m really having good hits here with the food.

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IMG_20171217_123034 IMG_20171217_123037
IMG_20171217_123206 IMG_20171217_123210
IMG_20171217_123214 IMG_20171217_123221
IMG_20171217_123222 IMG_20171217_123625
IMG_20171217_123952 IMG_20171217_123955
IMG_20171217_123957 IMG_20171217_123959
IMG_20171217_124003 IMG_20171217_124007
IMG_20171217_125047 IMG_20171217_125053
IMG_20171217_125056 IMG_20171217_125135
IMG_20171217_125139 IMG_20171217_125142
IMG_20171217_125144 IMG_20171217_125157
IMG_20171217_125201 IMG_20171217_125204
IMG_20171217_125208 IMG_20171217_125220
IMG_20171217_125222 IMG_20171217_125226
IMG_20171217_125231 IMG_20171217_125233

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