The Butcher’s Club – Central

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The Butcher’s Club – Central

You’ve heard me say often that Hong Kong is expensive. It’s very! Welcome to The Butcher’s Club in Central.

I don’t know whether they really price it for Eatigo! No. It’s probably the HK rents. Either way, it’s ridonkulous.

For a burger this size – and all of this, no fries or anything, it shouldn’t anyway be more than half of what it’s priced at. HKD 120. No fries, nothing. That’s ~USD 15. At that price, I’d expect some jazz, along with the burger. Kidding. I’d expect some fries at least.


But no, it was a plain burger. Less ridonkulous when I got it at 50% off, but thinking of what I got in New York vs this ~USD 8 in Hong Kong – New York is winning. By leaps and bounds.

How’d it taste? Great. Exactly how a vegetarian burger should taste? Crispy exteriors, moist (I see you cringe, I cringe on that term somehow) and soft interiors. Well seasoned. Probably one of the better burgers I’ve eaten in the Kong. But! To call it a chickpea burger is not right. When it’s primarily potatoes.

No complaints whatsoever on the taste, but do NOT call it a chickpea burger. If I read that, I picture a falafel-esque Middle Eastern burger, especially when it’s dressed with greek yoghurt, halloumi and the likes.

But no, it’s a potato patty and if I didn’t see that one piece of chickpea towards the end of my patty, I would’ve thought they straight out lied or just used a wee bit of chickpea flour to get that perfect crisp exterior.

What I thought it was, was potatoes with plenty of garam masala, executed to perfection for a burger patty. I wouldn’t dream of putting greek yoghurt and chickpea together with ketchup, but you guys, this was potatoes, and the ketchup tasted just fine with it.

It’s like when those people claim it’s a sugar-free cake but add silly refined sugar substitutes or say it’s no butter and then go on to add processed oils that’s probably worse than butter or they add a teaspoon of wheat flour to the white flour mix and call it whole wheat! E Y E. R O L L.

Thumbs up for the taste and execution! And that burger bun – one of the lighter, airer, fresher tasting ones I’ve eaten in the Kong!


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