The Bosphorous

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The Bosphorus Mediterranean Cuisine had good ratings on Yelp (probably for their meat dishes) and was recommended to us by friends (who are vegetarians). So, we took other visiting friends here last night. And what a royal disappointment it was! In New Jersey! If it was a bad restaurant in NYC, I’d have felt a little less bad :p

Untitled The appetizers / mezzes is all I’d recommend for the vegetarians. And then, leave. I mean, leave. This is if you find yourself here in the first place. The mezzes were quite good, but the portion sizes were really per person when we ordered a platter of four. It should’ve been a plate of four :/ That’s something you could do, if it’s two of you and you don’t want to go to the city (why wouldn’t you?!). Grab a bottle of wine as it’s BYOB, and then order different mezzes. But the pita wasn’t worth a mention either. UntitledThe mezzes were prettily presented but that’s about it.Untitled Untitled
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UntitledThen vegetarian kebabs arrived and  I was shaking my head in utter disappointment because it sounded good. But it looked like grilled vegetables. Because it was grilled vegetables! And they called it kebabs. Jeez!
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Untitled   The falafels – bland, unevenly fried, extra oily. Untitled
Untitled Untitled
Untitled The rice that came with the entrees – the blandest rice I’ve eaten at a Middle Eastern place ever. Hardly salted. Not greased. We were very disappointed but the hubster still chose to order two of their baklava plates. And those were alright.UntitledSaved their face a little bit with the baklava but when I saw the cheque and that the sparkling water bottle was $10, it washed away any face that they had saved!Bosphorus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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