Thanksgiving, Birthday, Baking, City Festivites

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Thanksgiving, Birthday, Baking, City Festivites

Pardon my French here, but I’ve been working to give a rat’s ass to not give a rat’s arse to people’s unsolicited opinions about me.  To begin with, I’m not usually bothered – because methinks the less educated/ learned are the ones who’ll have an opinion on everything, without much knowledge of anything.  So, I don’t care much, to begin with, but sometimes, I do, hey – I’m human, after all.

But I’m putting the smiles to step in, they come naturally to me, but these days, I’ve been employing them otherwise, too.  When in doubt, smile 🙂

Excerpts from Thanksgiving evening with friends who think I’m drunk.

Scene 1: Having a polite conversation with this one who has lost my respect because of her impolite behaviour on more than two occasions.  Why am I still being polite, you ask.  Kill with kindness, I say.

Me: Blah blah blah (the friendly banter).

A: Is this the alcohol talking?

Me: [Smile] [Say nothing. In my head, I think no point explaining ‘killing with kindness’ to her]

Scene 2: After I’ve had a couple of drinks, I volunteer to help unload the friend’s dishwasher.

Z: You won’t break anything, right?

Me: [Smile] [Say nothing. In my head, I think no point explaining that there’s no guarantee that I won’t, even when I’ve had only water to drink given the Ms. Butterfingers that I am]

Enough emotions.  Coming to some caking and baking.

Earlier that day, I spent making a cake for the birthday girl.  I tried this three tiered cake – chocolate, coffee and vanilla.  With three different shades of rose flowers.  My cakes were too thin or the icing in between was too thin to accommodate all the three layers on the side, so the white ended up being on the top.

The kitchen was a mess and I wasted tonnes of pastry bags because they would just tear up.  I couldn’t figure out why.

I learnt that piping icing is more difficult than it seems online.  Practice will eventually get me there, but it’s trying until then.

This designer dhokla that I made was a great hit.  Parchment paper lined the steaming container and made flipping the dhokla out much easier.

This was followed by the Thanksgiving dinner and those two scenes are from that dinner evening.

That Friday started with a foot rub in the city, followed by a long lunch at Dosai, for the birthday girl, followed by some strolling around.

 Lord and Taylor‘s decorative greens and lights called for some photos there with the friends.


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