Thai on High

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This past Sunday, we explored a  neighborhood restaurant, Thai on High. After Krua Walaiphan said they won’t be able to accommodate vegetarian options. After visiting a nearby park for the child.

After a bit of back and forth with the server on whether they’d be able to modify the dishes to be made with soy sauce instead of fish sauce and oyster sauce, we ordered plenty.

A plate of garlicky greens, fried rice, pad see ew, and a papaya salad. Fresh coconut water on the side.

Only two other tables were occupied besides us that well done ordering and probably eating, so order arrived pretty quickly. And it was all good.

The papaya salad is always nice and refreshing. The red chillies they used was super spicy. It was fresh and a perfect balance of sweet, sour, salty, spicy.

The noodles were some of the chewiest I have eaten. They were relatively thin and translucent for the wide noodles and were cooked to perfection. With good amount of vegetables and tofu.

The fried rice was good as well, with a plethora of vegetables including sweetcorn which is fairly rare for Thai food.

The greens, kale, were simple with plenty of garlic chunks. These always taste better in restaurants.

The place was neat and clean and had nice and simple decor. I’d recommend.

IMG_20170910_134506 IMG_20170910_134429
IMG_20170910_134458 IMG_20170910_134502
IMG_20170910_134509 IMG_20170910_134512
IMG_20170910_134520 IMG_20170910_134526
IMG_20170910_134531 IMG_20170910_134535
IMG_20170910_134537 IMG_20170910_134543
IMG_20170910_134908 IMG_20170910_134921

That’s the entrance!
IMG_20170910_143139 IMG_20170910_133711
IMG_20170910_133707 IMG_20170910_133631
IMG_20170910_133025 IMG_20170910_133018

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