Tha Pae Walking Street

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The final evening in Chiang Mai and for this trip in Thailand was marked by lots of street food at the Tha Pae Walking Street. Food stalls, plenty, from on the streets to in the temple grounds.

We managed to get vegetarian only vendors to make it easier for us to trust and eat. And it was all delicious. From different types of pancakes to spring rolls, to samosas, even. Desserts including mango sticky rice and fried coconut pancakes. Coconut soy pudding. Lychee wine. Juices.

I could’ve done with more pad thai, but for the hubster and his cousins and sister who almost dragged me back to the hotel before that one last pad thai, only to step out themselves later at night, hah! So much for being an Indian wife, sister-in-law here!

IMG_20171224_175209 IMG_20171224_171623
IMG_20171224_180948_Bokeh IMG_20171224_180959_Bokeh
IMG_20171224_193859_Bokeh IMG_20171224_193910_Bokeh
IMG_20171224_193914_Bokeh IMG_20171224_193918
IMG_20171224_195435 IMG_20171224_195508
IMG_20171224_195532 IMG_20171224_200502
IMG_20171224_200505 IMG_20171224_201021
IMG_20171224_203345 IMG_20171224_203346
IMG_20171224_203932 IMG_20171224_204637

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