Tequila on Davis

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Tequila on Davis

After the first dinner at Chino, still a bit hungry, we came to Tequila on Davis for a second dinner.

The tacos were probably the best I’ve eaten in Hong Kong to date. On the first look – the tacos looked closest to what I’ve eaten in HK, including the rice and beans. The taste wasn’t that far off. I was elated (not because of the drinks).

My vegetarian foodie buddy and I happily ate them off. I prefer the soft shell ones, she wanted the hard shell. We washed it down with another glass of margarita, though that was a bit disappointing – too sweet, and not fresh jalapenos, even though they told us they were.

It was a nice evening, two vegetarian dinners, Mexican at that, chatting away and discussing the cliches about Indian men & society in general.



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