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A friend here in Hong Kong recommended this place and off we went for lunch. We got to Tenkai at noon, the place opens at 11:30 and we were already in a waiting line. Though the first ones to wait. We didn’t mind.

Selecting was easy – the vegetarian option sans eggs. It’s a tendon place. Didn’t know of tendon until now. A quick pictures-and-some-reading later, figured tendon is probably the whole meal – tempura on rice. And it was a thicker glaze kind of a sauce.

The other place I ate tempura at, it was served with either soy sauce or some kinds of fish sauce and different kinds of salts.

This place was perfection. The proportion of the tempura to rice, the amount of sauce, the way it was seasoned. And the thing with Japanese foods or restaurants is that the portions tend to be small, or I should say right.

The lunch set came with pickled radish, mushrooms and eggplant. That smokey flavour just aced the mushroom and eggplant game. The way the eggplant was sliced and presented, it almost seemed like fish, but yay for me that it wasn’t. It tasted that good.

The miso soup had that same smoky taste. Simple, clean, perfect.

The pickled radishes taste great – with that right and subtle balance of tang, sweet and salt.

I easily ate off my food, with the wasabi adding a slight kick to eat.

And ever since that day, I’ve been thinking about that meal, every single day. Japanese food has me sold!


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