Temple Flower

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Right across our motel in Ao Nang / Krabi was this restaurant. We hopped in here for lunch today. The past two days set the bar high for me on the food front and this place didn’t quite match up.

I had the mai tai which came in so plain Jane :/
A vacation destination got to pep up their cocktails. A flower, a cherry, green sprigs, umbrella, something, anything.

The oreo shake for the sisters-in-law came topped up with an oreo and they did garnish the glass with chocolate syrup.

The papaya salad was great on taste, but didn’t look freshly done. You could tell the tomatoes was chopped before. You could see that wilt.

The pad thai here was quite good, but the curries didn’t keep up with the tastes I’ve had at other places.

Nothing bad about the, just that my expectations were up there after the past two days. The service was good.

IMG_20171218_114021 IMG_20171218_114029
IMG_20171218_114033 IMG_20171218_115547
IMG_20171218_115550 IMG_20171218_120220
IMG_20171218_120230 IMG_20171218_120820
IMG_20171218_120827 IMG_20171218_120831
IMG_20171218_121420 IMG_20171218_122210

Ao nang temple flower restaurant

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