Taverna Trilussa

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Taverna Trilussa

In hindsight, I would’ve gone to one of the other bookmarked places than this one that I found on http://www.stay.com/ app.

This was after coming to the Trastevere hood only to eat. Well the area was very charming and it was fun wandering around, aimlessly, across those cobblestones with vespas on the streets and flowers on the walls! You’ll read more about my day in Rome and this neighbourhood on my other blog – nycbonviveur.wordpress.com soon.

Not that this place was bad, but it wasn’t outstanding.  (I know you’re tired of me saying that for all the places I’d been to so far).  But hey!  I came with expectations so high.

We started with a glass of red wine and another sweet dessert wine (yeah, I like to break some rules).

What we ordered were some zucchini flower fritters.  These also came with the mixed vegetable fritters, the batter of them was all the same.  I was expecting more zucchini flowers, but it was more of the batter really.  Well done.  Same went for the vegetable fritters.  Way too much batter than vegetables.  They should’ve really called it batter fritters to set the expectation straight.

We got some Roman style artichokes which tasted good, but a the asparagus was a bit too mushy.  It was boiled.  It said it was classic Roman and we didn’t want to miss it.  Taste was OK, with olive oil and some herbs.  Lesson – artichokes almost always taste better baked or fried.

Then we got some deep fried mozzarella over bread which  was great.  So I eat my word about the place not being completely outstanding – this appetizer was.  Crisp, light, gooey, and airy, all at the same time.

It was a lot of food between the two of us, so we just decided to share a pasta.  There were a few that looked good.  But the one that caught both mine and the hubster’s attention was this ravioli.  It was supposed to be award winning, but it certainly didn’t win my heart.

One – it came out with shredded eggs on the top.  Two, the wrapper was that thin or soft or melt-in-mouth kinds.  Three, the filling was flavorful, but not life changing.

I didn’t eat as much of the ravioli, so we decided to go for a dessert (remember how I was complaining it was too much food!)..

We ordered this Roman cake, they said, which was more like a tart, with some stuffed goodies, a custard-esque filling, topped with light chocolate sauce.  Again, only OK.

I regretted not ordering the tonarelli with pepper, that would’ve come out in the cooking style container itself.  I hoped this ravioli would too, to keep it warm.  But it didn’t.  See that container at the end?

And chipped plates!  You don’t want them when you’re shelling out so much for your meal, do you?

Great places and the look and feel – upscale, not the classic-Italian-expectation-style.

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