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With Taureau, we wrapped up the final, part three of Chef Didier’s restaurant triology!  If you’ve been reading my blogs, you already ‘ve read about Chef Didier and his other restaurants Le Village and La Sirène.

The first thought I had when I entered here was what a cozy, rustic, simplistic place this is!  Great for a date.  Maybe I’m biased towards the brick-walled look, but the place had it’s charm.

Taureau is a fondue place that offers three courses for a complete meal.

We started with the velvety house red.

The initial course, cheese fondues, come with unlimited salad and baked croutons.  We started with them.  First was good ol’ Swiss which was smooth and flowy.  The second one was what they call Devil’s Whiff – pepper jack, red wine, sharp cheddar.  It was rich and thick with a touch of a kick.  And was prettily simply spiced up (read decked up)!

For the second round, they have meat fondues which has oil or broth options.  For us as a group and with me being a vegetarian, they gave us a canola oil pot and another cheese pot – the perigord, dressed beautifully with truffles and truffle oil.  Rich and creamy!

While I did not try dipping my veggies in the oil, I relished the cheese.  They have a bunch of vegetables to choose from, we opted for roasted beets, cornichons, portobello and broccoli.

The second course comes with five dipping sauces which I was excited about.  But they didn’t quite pack the punch.  Or much flavors.  They were all subtle on the taste buds.

For the final course, we had fruits, marshmallows, cakes with a pot of milk and dark chocolate each.  The milk chocolate was nice and yum at first but once the dark chocolate got time in the heat, it seemed to have homogenized and become smoother and easier to eat.

Being a vegetarian has its own perks.  Others would say it’s a heavy meal.  But hey, it was healthy for me!  With cheese and vegetables and fruits and chocolate and wine, I think I had a very nutritious meal – complete with proteins and antioxidants and minerals and what not.

I quite enjoyed the meal and this dinner has me looking forward to hosting a fondue party at my place this winter!  While I think about how to do that, why don’t you enjoy the photos from this evening at Taureau!

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