Taqueria Super Macho

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Taqueria Super Macho

I got a very happy and cheerful Mexican welcome at Taqueria Super Macho last evening. The Japanese style that I’ve gotten, usually at ramen places.


Picture pastel vibrancy and happy Mexican music. The vibe of the place couldn’t have been better.

My jarrito loco was tequila, jalapeno liqueur and lots of citrus fruits. It hit the spot for me on the liquor. I had eaten small that day. On the taste – it was lopsided on the sour side, but that chilli spice mix the glass was lined with complemented the tang of the drink very well. As I got towards the end of the drink, I got that hint of sweetness.

The tacos came with chopped onions & cilantro, lime wedges, a sour cream mayonnaise mix and salsa roja. The sweet server talked me into ordering the spicy habanero salsa. I rarely get talked into doing anything.

The good part was that the salsas were great.

The bad part was that the taco was tiny. TINY. My hand for reference.

But, it delivered on the taste. And it’s one of the better Mexican places in Hong Kong that I’ve tried, yet.

That chilli roasted pumpkin was perfection on the taco. It was interesting how the servers asked if I knew how to “assemble” my taco and made sure they informed me to begin with the onions-cilantro mix and a squeeze of lime before diving into the salsas or sour cream.

For my small order of a taco, followed by another (because it was that small), I’m sure I left them wondering on how on earth I polished up those salsas. Hey, I’m a spciy girl 😉

The taste buds were satiated, but I left hungry. Didn’t do the quesadilla because if I took out the cheese and the cream, it would’ve been high and dry.

Rice / beans catering to vegetarians would’ve been appreciated, if not more.

Also, the Blacksheep Restaurants sure are hiring their people right. Their service is always proactively friendly.

Even though I’m still waiting for their Maison Libanaise manager to get back to me, as promised. I had not one but two back to back sloppy orders of the cauliflower bowl with undercooked and hardly seasoned cauliflower!

But, cheers to a small but good Mexican meal! Then onto some serious tĂȘte-Ă -tĂȘte with the hubster.


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