Taj Palace

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For dinner last night, we came to Taj Palace because my other three choices were booked or not Thai enough. And the husband and his sister, cousin were craving Indian food.

The food here was very good. We had the samosas, dal makhani, kadhai paneer, malai kofta, butter rotis, garlic naan and jeera rice.

The samosas were small little pieces fried to perfection, good potato stuffing, a nice tamarind chutney and a kick-ass green chutney. One word for the green chutney – garlic!

The garlic naan was good, but a bit too thin. The butter rotis were nice as well. There’s little to go wrong there.

The kadhai paneer was nice and chunky, no cutting corners on the amount of paneer. The malai kofta was little balls of potatoes and paneer fried to perfection again and a smooth sweet gravy.

Dal makhani was cooked perfectly, it was creamy, yet the grains were all apart / intact. That’s some skill.

Not sure if they couldn’t lay their hands on basmati rice or good quality rice, but they overcooked it and it was a bit mushed up.

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IMG_20171218_195002 IMG_20171218_195002
IMG_20171218_195425 IMG_20171218_195428
IMG_20171218_195527 IMG_20171218_195527
IMG_20171218_200325 IMG_20171218_200758
IMG_20171218_200825 IMG_20171218_200829
IMG_20171218_200840 IMG_20171218_200842
IMG_20171218_200918 IMG_20171218_200938
IMG_20171218_200950 IMG_20171218_201034
IMG_20171218_201040 IMG_20171218_201226

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